The Proper Role of Government

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5 Responses to “The Proper Role of Government”

  • Avatar for Blog Paul Olsen Says:

    I hope this will have both the filmstrip and the text.

  • Avatar for Blog Shane Luck Says:

    These concepts should be shouted from the housetops. Share these with our brethren. They are at the heart of the Gospel of peace, for the spirit of liberty is the spirit of Christ.

  • Avatar for Blog sovereignthink Says:

    This should be required viewing in all schools.

    If Al Gore can have his film viewed and teach the ‘facts’ and ‘truth’ of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW ‘Climate Change’) in Utah but this film is not allowed and would have to be viewed in the seminary schools off campus. (an option that most states do not have)
    How can we continue to allow our schools to be run by federal mandate?
    How can we still allow our children to have mandated education and not demand that we educate our children based on our own wisdom, our own knowledge, our own beliefs, our own understanding?

    The required homogeneous ‘understanding’ that we are teaching our children is a worship of government.
    We are teaching that government is the height of majority reason, that government is a group embodiment of gracefulness, that government is the collective will of Right.

    We teach that America is a Democracy and is Spreading Democracy throughout the World for a New Order of Freedom and Security.

    The Seminary ‘services’ must take over the history, economic, government, science, math and english classes of the federal utah school system and teach ethics, debate and sovereign thinking with each class.

  • Avatar for Blog Rutherford B. Hazlenut Says:

    This video was obviously made by the liberal media to confuse us. No one could ever be THAT conservative.

  • Avatar for Blog mikeyb Says:

    Sovereign think… if the principles were applied there would be no compulsory education. (if you want to be entertained look up what Brigham Young said about it)

    Ruthoford, correction “No one could ever be THAT classical liberal.” (Bastiat is basically cannon for Classical Liberal.)

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