Just War and Foreign Policy

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  • Avatar for Blog Marianne Says:

    I led a discussion in Freedom Society several weeks ago on this topic, and I found that a very helpful resource was Elder Nelson’s talk in the October 2002 General Conference entitled “Blessed Are the Peacemakers.” I don’t know what criteria you use to create these lesson plans, but maybe if that talk isn’t useful it will point you toward other things that might be. Let me know if you have questions. Great job with the site!

  • Avatar for Blog Arlene Anderson Says:

    Please read the following from Elder H. Verlan Anderson’s book, The Moral Basis of a Free Society:

    [In 1990 and 1991 Daddy became extremely concerned that the U.S. might enter into a war of aggression, and eventually suffer the same consequences the Nephites did, when they waged aggressive war against the Lamanites. In an effort to spare at least the mormons from voting for
    such a war, he wrote the LDS senators and congressmen. Daddy was aware of only one who agreed with him, and voted against the war. After the war was won, even that one said he made a mistake voting against the war. Daddy believed that eventually our nation will have to suffer terribly for that act. There were ten LDS congressmen and three LDS senators who received letters almost identical to the one below.]
    It has come to my attention that the Congress of the United States is debating the possibility of waging war against the nation of Iraq in the event that their nation fails to withdraw its armed forces from Kuwait on or before a specified deadline. I wonder if in considering this matter you are aware of the Laws of God which state in the clearest of words that aggressive warfare is forbidden. I am enclosing for your considerations, some statements from the LDS scriptures which I urge you to ponder. As you will note, they state that war is justifiable in the eyes of the Lord only in the defense of life. No one can logically claim the action the United States is now contemplating against Iraq falls in that category.
    If I am correctly informed, you feel aggressive action against Iraq is justified at this time to forestall the possibility of a nuclear war—if and when Saddam Hussein comes into possession of nuclear weapons. The scriptures deal with the idea of preventive war and indicate disaster for the
    aggressor (3 Nephi 3:20-21 and Mormon 4:4-5). (I recommend verses 18-21 and 25 in 3 Ne 3) Even though you choose to believe that this scripture is not applicable to the present situation, surely you realize that anyone of a dozen other nations can, and probably will, pose a similar threat within the near future, and eliminating one of those possible
    aggressors will do little to obviate that danger.
    Inasmuch as only those who accept the scriptures of the LDS Church understand clearly the will of the Lord with respect to war, we have a very heavy responsibility to utilize that knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and others. If we fail to do so, our punishment for the terrible crime of
    waging aggression will be far heavier for us than for others because we sin against the light.
    As a final item, I note that the United States Constitution gives to Congress the exclusive power to declare war. This places upon you and fellow members of Congress the awesome responsibility of making decisions relative to this matter. May the Lord bless you in the discharge of your heavy responsibilities. Sincerely,
    —Elder H. Verlan Andersen
    He attached to the above letter the following:
    Scriptures Forbidding Aggressive Warfare: (I will list them rather than print them all out.)
    Mormon 4:1-5 (preface to this appendix)
    Alma 48:14-16 (I recommend the entire chapter, especially vs. 11-17)
    D&C 98:31-37 (I would add vs. 38)
    2 Nephi 28:31
    D&C 58:20
    I would add Alma 43:45-47.

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