The Hidden Things of Darkness: Political Secret Combinations

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3 Responses to “The Hidden Things of Darkness: Political Secret Combinations”

  • Avatar for Blog mikkel mikkelson Says:

    wonderful. i have sent all my friends here, i have vol 1 and 2 awful situation. i knew most of it but wow to see it in print is wonderful. thanks
    now lets prepair for the hard times to come. lets gather food storage and the needed supplys we must have when the world falls apart. i have pushed f.s. and ready ness for the last 15years knowing what was coming. i beg of you whom reads this prepair,prepair prepair. i cant say it enough.
    brother mikkel mikkelson

  • Avatar for Blog Mahogany Says:

    What good to prepare when the world will be burned by fire? Radiation will kill all those that are demolished from the stars falling out of the sky. 1/4 of our waterways (freshwater) will be destroyed when that asteroid/star hit our earth.

    If you are not chosen, you will die, so why prolong your suffering. Christ has already said, “man can not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

    I don’t blame your for gathering your food and water supplies, you are preparing to die, however I am preparing to live eternally as I will only die if I don’t keep all of the God of Israels commandments.

    No electricity, no fresh water, and anyways you won’t be able to enjoy it as these robbers, murderers, and other evil people will kill you and take it, duh…forget that stuff get right with God while you can, treat people right, make amends, speak to people you don’t like, ask them to forgive you for your wrong and pray the Lord’s Prayer it is the only prayer that covers everything that you need to do to live and not die.

    When the time is come, and a 30 foot wall of water is zooming your way, you won’t be able to carry all that you have stocked up…you can only carry so much. Take your vitamins, eat right, get off those medications, stop drinking booze and smoking pot and get you temple healthy as you can, and I will see you in the God of Israels Kingdom that will be waiting for us as we will be amongest those chosen few, whom and the Israelites, in which I am. I’m not all right, but I am not all wrong, I am striving to suit and serve a true and living God, who is my Father and if you believe in Christ then my Father should be your Father…he is “Our” Father and that is the God of Israel.

  • Avatar for Blog Mahogany Says:

    I don’t like errors when I post so please forgive my typing errors.

    Peace and Love in the Great and Almighty G.O.I

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