A Course on Liberty

The following educational course has been designed to guide you through an understanding of what the prophets have taught regarding Liberty – Freedom, God-given Rights, The Proper Role of Government, The Constitution, Free Enterprise, Secret Combinations, God’s Law, Zion and more.

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  • Avatar for Blog Lori Says:

    Have you considered adding “The Book of Mormon and the Constitution” to your book list? It goes hand in hand with “The Proper Role of Government.”

    Thank you,

  • Avatar for Blog Jennifer Daigle Says:

    I agree with Lori 100%.

  • Avatar for Blog Kaye Says:

    Brilliant! Thanks Brian!

  • Avatar for Blog Kaye Says:

    Hummm… my next several church talks~~ already written for me!

  • Avatar for Blog Lenny Henderson Says:


    You are doing an important work with this and other of your websites and endevors since I met you online a year or two ago. Keep it up and I will help wnen I can. I posted already your new video “A Message of Warning & Hope – Ezra Taft Benson Society” and a respected owner of a Montessori Charter School here reposted it within an hour. I went to the store and ordered this and a few other dvds.

  • Avatar for Blog Heather Hansen Says:

    I just started this course but am anxious to move on. I see that it has been some time since lessons/outlines were posted. Can you tell me when you might begin posting the lessons and outlines again? Thanks!

  • Avatar for Blog Julianne Young Says:

    I literally danced for joy when I found this! My life has been profoundly changed by reading the words of latter day prophets about the eternal principles that under-gird and secure liberty, and about the forces which are today seeking to destroy it. I have wanted a powerful way to share this message with my LDS friends and neighbors in a concise and powerful way. In fact, I came to your web-site looking for resources to help me create something and all but cried for joy when I found your beautiful beginning on these 12 lessons. Your multimedia clips are so beautifully done and you have included so many of my favorite resources. I am so anxious to get something going and I have a large circle of friends whom I know would put these lessons into action right away as well. I am wondering how soon you might be posting the remaining videos and outlines. If there are things that can be done to support your finishing them please let me know.

    Julianne Young

  • Avatar for Blog John Norgaard Says:

    Thank you very much for the articles. Wish there were a print or save to pdf function for them, or that they could be bought in the bookstore.


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