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  Joel Skousen - Year End Analysis 2016 - Highland Liberty Group
» 57.4 MiB - 1,440 hits
Joel Skousen gives a 2016 year-end analysis of what the Globalists are currently up to, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, the economy and where things are going, the mainstream media, the globalists, 2016 Presidential Election, rigged system, Iran, Isis Kennedy and more. (2016 December 2)

  Kate Dalley - Fox News Radio Talk Show host
» 57.4 MiB - 2,638 hits
Recording of Kate Dalley speaking at the Highland Libery meeting.

  Joel Skousen - Year End Analysis 2015 - Highland Liberty Group
» 63.7 MiB - 3,106 hits
Joel Skousen gives a year-end analysis of what the Globalists are currently up to, the war situation in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, the Islamic invasion of Europe and the United States, the coming election 2016, the economy and where things are going and much, much more. (2016 December 4)

  Larry Nichols - Whistle Blower
» 40.5 MiB - 2,177 hits
Partial recording of the Highland meeting with Larry Nichols, whistle blower who was deep inside the power structure of the political elite and who has basically risked it all to come out and expose the evil.

  Vaccine Freedom. Dr. Bryon Tarbet and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Oct 2015.
» 81.6 MiB - 2,192 hits
Highland Liberty Meeting - October 2nd, 2015, in Orem, Utah. Introduction by Thomas Butler. Dr. Andrew Wakefield: "Feast of Consequences: Whistleblowing in the Public Interest". Dr. Bryon Tarbet presents his talk "Anatomy of a Medical Scientific Study: How to See Through the Smoke and Mirrors".
YouTube video links for this presentation:
Thomas Butler, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Bryon Tarbet

  911 Update with Rebekah Roth. 9/11/2015.
» 74.3 MiB - 2,153 hits
Rebekah Roth speaks on new evidence about 9/11, from an industry insider with a unique perspective, who has tirelessly researched many of the "anomalies" associated with 9/11, arguably the most significant events thus far of the 21st century. (Highland Liberty Group - Orem, Utah, Septemper 11, 2015)

  Global Secret Combinations - Joel Skousen - 2014 Dec 5
» 39.6 MiB - 5,900 hits
Joel Skousen speaking at the Highland Liberty group meeting in Orem, Utah. Topics: Global Combinations, Ferguson, Conscience, etc.

  Dr. Jack Stockwell speaking at the Highland Group meeting. November 7, 2014
» 53.4 MiB - 4,337 hits
Dr. Jack Stockwell speaking at the Highland Group meeting. November 7, 2014

  Michael Gaddy - Constitutional Convention of 1787 and its aftermath
» 48.1 MiB - 3,676 hits
September Highland Meeting (Sep 20, 2014): Retired Command Sergeant Major Michael Gaddy who is a thirty year veteran of the United States Army. In parallel to his Army service, Mr. Gaddy has spent the balance of his adult life studying the events leading to the American Revolution and, most especially, the ideological struggle which took place during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and its aftermath, the effects of which extend even to today.

  Ann Tracy - Dangers of Antidepressants
» 49.5 MiB - 3,921 hits
Highland Meeting (May 3, 2014): Ann Tracy speaking on epidemic of prescription Psychotropic drug usage in the US and how it is destroying so many individuals and families. You may not know that nearly every mass shooter in the past 15 years has been on these PRECRIPTION DRUGS. From Columbine to the Batman shooting in Aurora Colorado, from Fort Hood to Sandy Hook, they have all been on these mind control substances.Also, Dale Williams gives an updated on the situation on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

  Larry Hilton - Highland Meeting - Gold, Collapse of Dollar
» 43.7 MiB - 3,479 hits
Highland Meeting (April 4, 2014): Larry Hilton speaking about the Coming Collapse of the Dollar and what you can do to protect yourself. The whys and hows of Going Gold — including tips on how to opt out of the insidious, stifling, inflation tax imposed on the citizenry by the very nature of the current, predominant monetary system.

  The End is Near w/ Tom Butler and Dan Campbell
» 62.8 MiB - 3,694 hits
Highland Meeting (March 7, 2014): Tom Butler and Dan Campbell. Topic: "The End is Near". Current events and how near we really may be to the collapse of the empire, the coming wars, the fiction we live under and who is behind it all. Also delving into false flag triggers, cognitive dissonance and the blue print that is laid out in scripture that many of us, and most of the sleeping sheep are not aware of.

  Jack Monnett - Education and the LDS Church
» 22.3 MiB - 4,199 hits
Jack Monnett speaks on Education from an LDS Perspective, history of education in the LDS Church, Church schools, homeschool, etc.

  Hans Andersen - Moral Basis of Local Government
» 22.8 MiB - 3,842 hits
Hans Verlan Andersen, Jr. speaking on the moral basis of local government and being involved at the city level. Relates some of his experiences as a member of the Orem City Council. January 24, 2014.

  Scott Bradley - Education & Secret Combinations
» 60.4 MiB - 4,118 hits
Scott Bradley speaking on an LDS perspective on Secret Combinations and then LDS perspective on Education.

  Gun Control, Obamacare - Sheriff Richard Mack & Joe Wolverton
» 42.6 MiB - 3,691 hits
Sheriff Richard Mack and Joe Wolverton speaking on state efforts to nullify gun control and Obamacare. The event was sponsored by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). January 4, 2014.

  Senator Stuart Reid, Gayle Ruzicka - GLBT Agenda
» 35.0 MiB - 2,981 hits
Senator Stuart Reid and Eagle Forum's Gayle Ruzicka speak about the non-Discrimination bill and the GLBT Agenda. January 3, 2014.

  Secret Combinations - Scott Bradley - Liberty class #3
» 51.7 MiB - 3,877 hits
Scott Bradley speaking about Secret Combinations (conspiracy) from the Book of Mormon and in modern times.

  Secret Combinations - Ken Bowers - Liberty class #3
» 14.4 MiB - 3,028 hits
Ken Bowers speaking about Secret Combinations at the Ezra Taft Benson Society Liberty class.

  Scott Bradley - Principles of Just War - Liberty class #2
» 56.5 MiB - 3,132 hits
Scott Bradley discsuses the principles relating to war, using the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and teachings of LDS Church leaders.

  Hans Verlan Andersen - The Moral Basis of Government - Liberty class #2
» 13.2 MiB - 2,738 hits
Hans Verlan Andersen Jr. discusses the Moral Basis of a Free Society and Local Government at the Liberty series in Highland Utah. He also discusses what you can do within your own local city government and city council.

  Scott Bradley - LDS Liberty education series #1
» 63.0 MiB - 3,401 hits
Scott Bradley speaking on the establishment of the United States with the foundation of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as the essential prelude to the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Also, an intro by Mark Porter reviewing his personal experience meeting with Elder Ezra Taft Benson and more.

  Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) in Utah - Ken Bowers
» 69.1 MiB - 3,923 hits
The subject of this meeting was SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) in Utah. Author and Lecturer Ken Bowers presented and was joined by a lady who was subjected to SRA in her life. There was also a panel discussion including others who have been involved to one degree or another. Amonth other things, the Memo from Elder Glenn Pace, and MK Ultra, was discussed.

  Joel Skousen - Highland Group Meeting
» 58.3 MiB - 5,514 hits
Joel Skousen speaks about the latest on the globalist war agenda for Syria and Iran. False flags. What are our chances of turning around this country and waking the people up? Advice on how to prepare for what's coming.

  Panel Discussion on 9/11, Syria, War, False Flags
» 49.1 MiB - 2,980 hits
Panel Discussion on 9/11, Syria, War, False Flags with Dr. Jack Monnett, Author and researcher, Dale Williams, Radio talk show host and investigative reporter, Joe Williamsen, former Air Force Nuclear Weapons Officer and avid researcher, Dan Campbell, Author and business owner.

  Denver Snuffer - Constitutional Apostasy
» 29.1 MiB - 4,186 hits
2013, June 7 - Denver Snuffer speaking on: Constitutional Apostasy: How our original inspired Constitution has become compromised by the neglect, ambition and ignorance of those who inherited a Divinely inspired original pattern.

  The Forgotten Earth and Her Hidden People - Abe Day
» 30.8 MiB - 4,967 hits
A presentation about the Hollow Earth, Living Earth, the Lost Ten Tribes and more..

  Anthony Larson - Electric Universe / Plasma Theory
» 34.0 MiB - 3,335 hits
Ancient Planetary History, Cutting Edge Science and the Restored Gospel: Plasma Physics & the Electric Universe.

  Two Churches Only - by D. Christian Markham
» 61.4 MiB - 4,282 hits
A critical exposé of ancient and modern deceptions, hidden agendas, and overlooked truths.

  Dr. Rollins - Young Earth Creation
» 48.3 MiB - 3,205 hits
Dr. Ronald Rollins spoke about how the earth may be much younger than the evolutionist crowd wants it to be. Understanding how widely accepted evolutionists beliefs conflict with solid scientific evidences is important as we sort through the propaganda of our day. This is a great opportunity to learn "the other side of the story."

  Joel Skousen - Highland UT 2 Nov 2012
» 112.5 MiB - 6,854 hits
Audio recording of a presentation given by Joel Skousen in Highland, Utah on November 2nd 2012. Some of the topics he spoke about are war with Iran, Emergency Preparedness (Hurricane Sandy), real vs. bogus threats/conspiraces being spread on the internet, the world super-powers, Secret Combinations, World War III, Gadianton Robbers, being spiritually prepared, the 2012 election, Mitt Romney, and more.

  Dr. Steven Jones - Alternative/Free Energy Research
» 118.3 MiB - 2,853 hits
Steve Jones talking about alternative energy research and projects.

  Jack Monnett speaking on EMP attack scenario and new book "When the Lights Went Out"
» 49.4 MiB - 5,768 hits
Presented in Highland, Utah, on October 7, 2011.

  The Unknown Republic / Natural Law - Steve Pratt
» 74.6 MiB - 4,876 hits
Steve Pratt lecture. January 8, 2010. Orem, UT. The Unknown Republic / Natural Law.

  How & Why to Study History / Sovereignty - Steve Pratt
» 60.7 MiB - 4,628 hits
Steve Pratt lecture. Orem, UT. November 29, 2009. How& Why to Study History. Federalist, Anti-Federalist and that Troublesome Word Sovereignty.

  Isaiah, the Book of Mormon and America in the Last Days
» 57.4 MiB - 11,088 hits
This is an audio recording of a lecture given by Mark C. Peterson in November 2009. He spoke about what's prophesied in Isaiah, the Book of Mormon, and the Book of Revelation regarding America. Some of the topics covered are: Government, Secret Combinations, Destiny of America, US Constitution, the Church, the Cleansing of America, Follow the Prophet.

  Instant Insanity Drugs
» 19.2 MiB - 5,174 hits
by W. Cleon Skousen.

  Steven Jones 911 Lecture
» 22.1 MiB - 3,490 hits
29 June 2007. Former BYU Professor, Dr. Steve Jones, presents his research of the events of September 11, 2001.

  Stephen Pratt Know Your Liberty Lecture
» 43.1 MiB - 2,863 hits
7 April 2007.

  The LDS Church and the Constitution
» 42.5 MiB - 3,064 hits
by Scott N. Bradley. 26 January 2006. SLC, UT.

  Scott Bradley Constitution Lecture
» 36.1 MiB - 2,685 hits
23 March 2006. SLC, UT.

  Chuck Baldwin Speech
» 37.8 MiB - 2,742 hits
Speech on freedom given in Utah by Jim Noorlander and Chuck Baldwin.

  The True History of America
» 15.5 MiB - 3,286 hits
by Ken Bowers.

  Awakening to Our Awful Situation Lecture 1
» 37.1 MiB - 4,330 hits
by Jack Monnett, Joel Skousen and Steve Jones. June 2007. Orem, UT. Secret Combinations.

  Awakening to Our Awful Situation Lecture 2
» 32.9 MiB - 3,812 hits
by Jack Monnett and Joel Skousen. 10 October 2007. Orem, UT. Secret Combinations.

  Intro to Secret Combinations
» 85.0 MiB - 4,094 hits
by Ken Bowers. 10 February 2006.

  The Book of Mormon and the Constitution
» 19.2 MiB - 2,925 hits
by Hans V. Andersen Jr. A presentation by the son of the late Elder H. Verlan Andersen.

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